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Mind Body Program

The goal of the Mind Body Program is to empower Crystal students with the knowledge that enables them to make healthy informed choices for lifelong fitness and wellness.

Mind Body Program

Mind Body Program (MBP)
The Mind Body Program is an interdisciplinary, comprehensive field of study. The core curricula in the Upper School Fitness Labs are lecture-based classes. Fitness labs provide the opportunity for students to learn and discuss topics related to fitness, health, growth and development, mindfulness, and social-emotional learning. The Upper School student applies concepts learned in Fitness Labs to the physical activity component they choose; athletics, dance, or activity classes. The ultimate goal of the MBP is to cultivate an environment that educates and exposes students to the latest evidence-based research through lectures and physical activities.

What are the components of the Upper School Mind Body Program (MBP)?
Students participate in the MBP from 9th-11th grade. The Upper School MBP has two components. The first is a Fitness Lab that meets once a week throughout the year. The second is an activity component, which can be fulfilled through an activity class (2x per week), a dance class (2x per week,) or a Crystal sports team (5 to 6 x per week). Upper School students who are part of a Crystal sports team get a study hall (9th graders) or free period (10th and 11th graders) during the part of the day when they would normally be in their activity class.
Mind Body Fitness Lab
Mind Body Program US Fitness Lab 2022-23
1st Trimester
2nd Trimester (½)
3rd Trimester
9th Grade  ~8 classes
Introduction to the MBP
1.  Musculoskeletal Anatomy
2.  Five Components of Fitness
3.  FITT Principle
4.  Strength and Conditioning 
5.  Biomechanics
6.  Plyometrics, and Calisthenics 
7.  Cardiovascular Fitness and Heart Anatomy 
8.  Core Stability, Pilates
10. Yoga, Flexibility, Mobility 
11. Foam Rolling Training
9th Grade ~4 classes 1st Semester
1. Introduction to Mindfulness
2. Recognizing Worry
3. Beditation
4. Autopilot; Stepping back; Thought Traffic  
5. Gratitude
10th Grade 4 classes (2nd Semester)
Nutrition/Injury Prevention
1. Hydration
2. Nutrition
3. Diet-related Diseases
  1. Osteoporosis
  2. Diabetes
  3. Eating Disorders
4. Dietary Intake Project
  1. Carbohydrates
  2. Fats
  3. Proteins
  4. Recommended Dietary Intake
5. Injury Prevention

10th Grade 8 classes
Teen Topics I  
1. Substance Use Prevention
  1. Neuroscience of Addiction program (5 lessons)
2. Mental Health Awareness
  1. Exploring Knowledge, Attitudes, & Perceptions
  2. Specific Disorders; Simplifying Language
  3. Advocacy & Making an Impact
  4. Teen Suicide Prevention
3. Community Resources
11th Grade (8 classes)
Teen Topics II
1. Healthy vs. Unhealthy  
2. Sex & Consent
3. Sexual Harassment/Assault
4. Sexual & Reproductive Health
5. Community Resources
11th Grade
American Red Cross CPR/AED
1. Adult CPR
2. Unconscious/Conscious Choking
3. Automated External
   Defibrillator (AED)
4. Sudden Illness
5. Self-Defense
6. Neurocognitive Test
11th Grade
Individual Fitness Plans
1. Fitness Lab Review
2. Electronic Devices/Apps and Fitness 
3. Individual Graphical Summary
4. Design Individual Fitness Plan (IFP)
5. Teach IFP 

List of 4 members.

  • Photo of Patti Syvertson

    Patti Syvertson 

    Director of Sports Medicine, Mind Body Department Chair
    650-342-4175 x1504
  • Photo of Albert Caruana

    Albert Caruana 

    Mind Body Program teacher, Coach
    (650) 375-5493
  • Photo of Tracy Lum

    Tracy Lum 

    US Director of Student Counseling
    650-342-4175 x1506
  • Photo of Chelby Spray

    Chelby Spray 

    US Mind Body Teacher
    (650) 342-4175 x1616

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  • Mission Statement of the Mind Body Program

    The goal of the Mind Body Program (MBP) is to empower Crystal students with the knowledge that enables them to make healthy informed choices for lifelong fitness and wellness. The realization of the program includes a technology-based integration of athletics, physical education, health, science, and interdisciplinary projects. In addition to the activity portion (athletics, dance, or activity class) of our program, our curriculum includes a Fitness Lab rotation that enhances student learning by following a progression from ninth through eleventh grade; these labs build upon the fundamental components of fitness and ultimately advance to student development of Individual Fitness Plans.
  • Philosophy

    We believe in the fundamental relationship between a healthy mind and body, and that life long fitness is equally as important as exemplary academics. 

Sample Topics

Upper School Fitness Labs

9th Grade
Intro MBP, Mindfulness, Foundations of Strength and Conditioning

10th Grade
Exercise Physiology, Nutrition, Injury Prevention, Substance Use Prevention

11th Grade
Teen Topics, CPR/AED Training, Individual Fitness Plan
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