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Middle School Crü

Upper School Crü

List of 5 items.

  • Running Crü, Crew Chiefs, and Props

    Those students who are crew chiefs or on running crew will need to be available at specific times. When you accept a job on crew, you are accepting the calls that go with that job. Any problems or conflicts you have with these times need to be discussed and confirmed in advance.

    1) Running Crü:
    Come to as many Saturdays as you can. Our first criteria for selecting running Crü is how many Saturdays you attend to help build the set. You need to come to all the calls from tech Sunday to Strike.

    2) Crü Chiefs:
    This is what is expected of the different jobs. Remember to discuss conflicts in advance.
    Stage Manager = All calls, all meetings.
    Lights Director = All calls, all meetings.
    Sound Director = All calls, all meetings.
    Assistant Stage Manager = All calls, all meetings.

    3) Props: As many Meetings and Saturdays as you can. All calls from tech Sunday to Strike. You will need to attend a minimum of one rehearsal per week.
  • Saturday Set Crü

    Anyone can come and help on Saturdays. You can come as often as you like and stay for any amount of time you can spare. {The people who come to the most Saturdays, have the best chance of being on Running Crew.} Lunch is usually at 1 PM and typically costs $5. We order out based on the theme.
  • There are three A's that make a good crew member

    A1) Availability. Come as often as you can. The more time you spend here, the more you will learn. This is our first criteria for picking Crü members.
    A2) Affability. You need to get along with the other Crü people. Shows take good teamwork.
    A3) Aptitude. This is the easiest "A." Each person who has spent time in the theatre and who has gotten along with others has been able to learn what they need to know to do a good job.
  • Cru Guidelines and Roles

    Everyone who walks through the theater doors for the first time is assumed to be a Novice.

    You will have access to tools, electricity, theatrical effects and training. It is important to treat everything and everyone with the utmost respect. Always seek the help of more experienced students.

    I hope you read “the three A’s.” They are a simple summary of what we do. Here is a little more detail on how to take the steps towards mastery and love of Crü.
    • Be active and available - participate in Crü events
    • Be affable - get along with people and help them do things
    • Join the Cru email group.
    • Demonstrate your increasing mastery of skills and friendships. Step up and volunteer for new tasks and show assignments. Reply to the emails calling for Crü. Compliment your peers when they do a good job
    • Be thankful that we all get to do this
    • Thank the adults who help you and bring you food - every time
    • Earn your Thespian hours recognition
    • Be a good Crü member - help others, support the whole show process, and clean up
    • Be of good cheer and support your peers
    • Learn how to take a project from start to finish. Plan, build and paint a piece of scenery.
    • Become a Crü Chief - lead others and share the Crü experience with the new students.

    Here are the steps and roles you might consider:
    • Novice - A Novice needs all safety reviews and tool introductions. You are “eyes wide open” all the time. You can get hurt if you have a lapse. Come to Crü as much as you can so you can learn. Those with the most experience are the ones who become the “Master Crü.”
    • Apprentice - You have been to a good number of Crü events. You are, at the least, on your second major show. You know the tools, or how to find a tool. You know how to get help; know that you have much to learn. You still seek help, safety reviews and tool reminders regularly. Always seeks help with processes.
    • Thespian Candidate - After 100 hours of quality work on our shows, you may become a candidate for recognition as an International Thespian Society member.
    • Journeyperson - You are literally in the midst of a journey of discovery. You know how to do stuff, and you want to learn more. You can do introductions for the novices. You can lead other students in parts of a project. You have participated in a variety of shows and assemblies. You belong in the theater. You are creative enough to think of new ways to do things.
    • Crü Chief or Master Crü - You are a leader. You are expected to be actively involved in the work of those you lead. You care about the outcomes. You know what we are building and you are a creative part of our team. You are engaged and try to engage others. You are still “eyes wide open - all the time.” Only now, you are really looking out for everyone on deck. You still do not know what the “Podar” is, so you do not know everything. It is important to realize that there is no “knowing everything.”
    • The Podar - The Podar is a secret element of our theater. That you don’t know what it is, proves that you do not know everything. So, humble thyself, and keep trying to learn more and be better. Always seek to be a better Crü member. Only a Crü alum can tell you what the Podar is. This can only happen after your last Crystal show is complete.

    Enjoy the journey. There are many steps. Do not try to rush to the end, because even in the end, you still will not know what the Podar is.
  • When to be there

    • Crü Saturday = Everybody who wants to work on sets, props, or other technical projects should attend. Bring your CSUS friends!
    • Production Meeting (PM) = Crü Chiefs and Stage Manager, Designers, Director and TD + any Crü who are interested (remember the three A's).
    • Level Set Saturday = When the light levels are set for the entire show. Only Crü chiefs are required to be here. Four or more extra crew members can come to this event to learn about lights. All you need to do is ask to be included.
    • Tech Rehearsal Sunday = All Crü .  Crü rehearsal with all the actors to work on tech. We skip the text of the play at this time.
    • Dress Rehearsal + Preview Evenings = These are non-stop rehearsals. Everybody needs to be there the whole time.
    • Performances = Tell your friends to come see the show! Stage Crü , please wear your "BLACKS" (ALL BLACK CLOTHING AND SHOES) for all dress rehearsals.
    • CONFLICTS = Any conflicts with these dates and times need to be discussed right away.

Production & Design

Where do power tools meet artistic intent? In P&D, that's where. We use a wide variety of tools to build, create and sculpt our way into wonderful set designs for the Crystal stage presentations. P&D students will work on every aspect of the more than a dozen shows we participate in each year. Since P&D is taught like a studio art class, each student will have his/her own projects, but will also be part of a larger team of artists who create scenery, work with sound, or build lighting systems. A key strength for P&D is our diversity: we have artists, painters, engineers, and builders. Each student is encouraged to find his/her own areas of interest and work to develop them as part of our team. P&D is where the curricular aspects of an art class meet the co-curricular fun of our technical theater presentations.
Nondiscriminatory Policy: Crystal Springs Uplands School admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs.

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